Lixper SRL


Corsi e Formazione


Lixper performs training for companies that have decided to update the knowledge of their employees. Lixper can perform these trainings with the teacher on company site or using vidoecenference.

In many cases the training can be performed using contribution of the European Community.

Arguments and courses can be organized on the base of requests, needs, and level of the trainees.

Trainings on:

  • architecture, administration and programming for Baan4, Baan5 e BaanLN;
  • architecture and system administration on Linux and Unix;
  • architecture and database administration, mainly on Oracle and Postgresql;
  • Java programming;
  • digital signature, certificates;
  • documental archiving;
  • other...

For informations contact us at

Lixper S.r.L. - Legal Address: Piazza Guala 131 bis, 10135 Torino - email - Phone: +39 0114831547 - VAT and Fiscal Code: IT09306970014