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Private Networks

VPN: wide networks

Many firms have filials that must be connectted among them for using same databases and programs.

Becaise the cost of phisic connections among all center is extremely onerous, the VPN are a solution at a lower cost that achieve the same porpouse. In other words, information are sent over the Internet, but by means of a crypted channel.

This solutions can be used also for connecting by any place: a person doing a "demo" at the customer site, a remore worker, a supplier, even more.

Inside a VPN both the parts are identified by a digital certificate to be sure of the reciprocal identities. Even, the communication of all data is performed using crypted connections with the alghoritms and protocols more known.

In case of connections among filials of a firm also the voice can be sent, by means of "Voice over IP" services. This permits to use the phone without the necessity to use a provider.

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