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HylaFax: the fax server

Sending and receiving FAXes are normal activities of every firm. Often documents sent by fax are generated by a computer application and in this case doens't make sense to print the document on paper for sending it by fax.
In the same way, receiving and swithing faxes to the addresee are activities that employ a person and waste paper.

All of this is brightly solved adopting a fax managing program.
Lixper suggests to integrate the Hylafax system in the normal firm activity: automatic mechanism of managing, shared address books, custom middleware for sending FAX directly by meand of an ERP, and so on.

Our solution:

  • FAX server: hardware, installation and configuration
  • one or more PSTN V.34 modem (standard V.34 is the fastest way to send faxes)
  • Windows and Unix client-applications
  • integration with your ERP, support
  • contractual yearly support

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