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BRB: Baan Report Beautifier

BRB is a simple instruments for adding to Baan4, Baan5 and BaanLN reports an elegant graphic layout with logos and much other things that, normally, is not possible to get with Baan. All this with output in PDF format and almost all without intervention on reports!

BRB is an application that improve the graphic characteristics of Baan reports without the adoption of an external graphic engine (like HiDox, Jasper Report, Cristal Report, Birt, etc.): in this way there isn't another software application to be managed because all is done entirely inside Baan, using a piece of software written in the Baan language.

Obviously BRB cannot offer the graphic performance obtainable using external graphic engines, but is fully able di perform its tasks when Baan reports simply need to:

  • put overlay on report pages; put overlay also on "back page" (if needed) useful when front-and-back prints must be performed;
  • put logos and/or watermarks;
  • use a different overlay on the report depending on the report language or depending by any parameter (report values);

  • perform automatically "n" parallel spool of the same document(s), but with different overlay (for instance, it's necessary to print the same invoice with 2 overlayes, 1 as "original copy", and 1 as "internal copy"

It's possible to print on the PDF document linear and bidimensional barcodes.

With a BRB plug-in, named BRB-Sender, is possible to create automatically large ranges of  document and send them to their recipient by means of email and/or fax.
With modality completely automatic, BRB produces a document (for instance: an invoice) based on a particular event (for instance: when an invoice takes the "definitive" status), get the rigth address/fax from some Baan tables and sends the document. Obviously all possible errors (wrong addresses, mail-server off, etc) are logged to the users. With some setting,
BRB-Sender can create documents and put them in apposite directory separated on the base of many criterion; for instance, to create documents for a web portal, it is possible to separate documents in sub-directory based on busines partner code (customer or supplier) and also based on "type" (invoices, sales order, etc). Obviously all in a completely automatic way.

With the BRB plug-in named BRB-Plus, is possible to add other functionalities, like:

  • specific overlayes for first page of the document;
  • specific overlayes for last page of the document;
  • send documents with email with HTML format.

Moreover BRB doesn't need any management and don't need to be learned: it must be simply used by means of the usual Baan "devices", and when a particular document needs to use BRB, it works automatically without any intervention of the user.

Overlays can be PostScript or PDF files; a overlay with PDF format can be produced by any user a bit experienced with any of the office suites existing (Lixper recommend the adoption of OpenOffice). Once the overlay-file is created is sufficient to put it in an apposite directory.

BRB is addressed to people that does't want to deeply change the way to produce their documents using a new product aside of Baan, but that are satisfied of the Baan report and ask just to improve their documents with logos, overlay, etc. for which, till now, there wasn't any solution except the use of an external reporting engine.

If the print requirement is greater that the basic graphic features offered by BRB, Lixper suggests to use HiDox for which is reseller and consultant in Italy.

BRB può anche sopperire a tutte le funzionalità necessarie a produrre la fattura elettronica XML come richiesto dall'Agenzia delle Entrate a partire dal 01 gennaio 2019: per dettagli visualizzare l'area preposta.

Presentazione di BRB (PDF)

Manuale di BRB (PDF)

Manuale di BRB-SENDER (PDF)

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