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Neos: Documental Management and Storage

Neos is an application developed by Lixper for Documental Management and Documental Storage following the italian laws as defined by CNIPA (former AIPA) then DigitPA and now AgID.
It has been thougth and developed with a modern, efficient, and functional conception, fully working on whatever hardware platform hardware and operating system.

Neos is a 100% Java applicationthat perform Documental Storage and Documental Management on all main databases by means of JDBC connections.

There is also a web version working with all main browsers.

Main functional aspects:

  •     metadata definition very careful;
  •     links between documents defined by:
  • reference;
  • explicit link;
  • folders and rules;
  •     navigability and retrieve of informations by means of:
    • reference;
    • explicit link;
    • folders (eterogeneous groups of documents);
    • direct search by value;
    • content full-text search;
  •     data accessibility is organized by "user" (single user) or "team" (group of users).
The digital document can be keeped on DB (as a BLOB) or on File System; in case of File System it can be managed using:
  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • Samba
  • NFS
  • WebDav
On the point of view of security, every document can be signed (even more times) and cripted.

Documents can be inserted in "local archives" or submitted to "substitutive storage" using an apposite "file DB" that is usable  in read-only mode with the same functionalities available on main DB.

The files of the DB created in this way:

  • are simply stored on whatever device with suitable capacity (CD, DVD, or other...);
  • are (or can be) "not crypted" and therefore always readable (also with other applications).
Archive creations is a process based on criterions of "navigability" e "retrieve" previously cited. A digital document can be inserted into Neos:
  • using a scannner by means of SANE protocol;
  • using a scanner by means of TWAIN driver;
  • using a (already) digital document.
The playing of digital documents is preceded by a first phase of "type" identification (based on mimetype analysis).
For digital images with the main important formats the
visualization can be executed directly inside Neos; generally the visualization is managed by means of a mechanisn of associations between a "document type" and an application on the local client machine.

Neos è localized in italian and english, but is simply and quickly localizable in other idioms.

Neos use a powerful and complete reporting system; also the reporting system is localized.

Neos has a mechanism of data import/export to/from "extern subjects": such subjects are normally xml file, but is possible to retrieve data also from a database different of which used by Neos;all of this is made by means of a further applications that define a mapping among the Neos tables and the external database.

This further application is very useful at the start-up moment for importing inside Neos all initial data.

Additional functionality are available by means of plug-in.An example of plug-in already available is that for doing "auditing" on the operations.

Actually these plug-in are available:

  • integration with ATF (CRM for insurance agencies) product by LinkI.T.;
  • integration with Baan4, Baan5, BaanLN;
  • full-text search inside digital documents;
  • audit;
  • passive document management by means of barcode (mono and bidimensional).

Actually these plug-in are in phase of project or in development:

  • integration with PAFlow;
  • operativity with work-flow.

Neos Presentation (ODP version - OpenDocument - Impress)

Neos Brochure (PDF)

Brochure di Neos con Baan (PDF)

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