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Lixper offers a huge set of services: system administration, database administration, ERP development and administration, software development for web applications, WiFi architecture, RFID, etc.

System Administration

Lixper offers System Administration services on many unix systems (GNU/Linux Debian or SuSE, SUN Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX) and Windows.
Covered sysadmin tasks are: new installations, performance analysis, analysis of any problem, migration to new hardware, virtualization, analysis of hacked systems (computer forensics), monitoring, network management, high availability and business continuity.
Services are provided in two forms: annual contract, or single request.

Database Administration

Lixper can offer know how in administrationg and maintenance on main relational database ("branded" or "open"): Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, HsqlDB, Informix, etc.

ERP Administration and Development

Lixper has a big know how about ERP world: applicative/functional, development, architectural solutions. More specifically, Lixper has a huge knoledge of Baan (now owned by Infor)) and all products around for integrating Baan with other systems. An other ERP platform on which Lixper can offer its consulting is Oracle developer versions 6 and 9.

Software Development

Lixper develops software in many languages, fron branded languages till Java; expecially the latter has a relevant importance because guarantee those criterion of software portability that Lixper take care for independence of platforms and operating systems.

WiFi Architecture, RFID

Lixper developed hardware/software solutions in projects making use of WiFi technologies, above all togheter with RFID implementations. The most important project has been developed in the automotive world.

Thin client

Lixper has a big know-how in development of projects with many thin-client. It can be a simple diskless station used as remote terminal or a more evolute station like the Sun Ray, equipped with the device for digital signature.

Systems for public administrations, document archiving, digital signature

Lixper offers consulting work for using "open" and "free" technologies.
Moreover Lixper has developed the know-how for digital signature by means of SmartCard or USB keys on Windows and Linux systems.
Lixper develops and sells Neos, a product for document management and substitutive document archiving with digital signature with certificates of InfoCamere.

Lixper works with other consulting companies, like:

 Towertech Technologies


People interested to ask for Lixper on projects where are involved one or more of the arguments beside can contact us: we be glad to offer our experience.

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